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We at Caring Connections for Special Needs know firsthand the challenges that families who have children with special needs face every day.  We understand that having the right support system makes a difference in everyone’s life.  We work hard to construct programs that best serve our children.  We are always open to new ideas and want to be ever improving for the benefit of our kids!

Caring Connections for Special Needs provides year round 24/7 in home or on site services and respite care in Benson, Sierra Vista, Payson, Douglas, Thatcher, Safford, Pima and Tucson areas, for ages 5 to 17.  We offer daily skill building programs and after school programs.  Transportation may be available with designated pick-up and drop-off locations. Over-night respite care at our Benson facility. Mentors are trained to provide the children a fun learning experience, especially during our weekend programs. Individual and group settings in order to meet the unique needs of the children. Children will spend time with Mentors and other children to make new friends and build social skills.

Caring Connections for Special Needs provides services to children who are enrolled in the Behavioral Health System and children with special needs.

Our mission is to provide a continuum of evidence and strengths based, culturally sensitive, behavioral health care services for children.

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